The British Neurovascular Group

The British Neurovascular group was constituted in 2010 as a sub-speciality group of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons. The group's full members are neurosurgeons with a major clinical interest in vascular neurosurgery.


The British Neurovascular Group regrets that it is unable to give medical advice or to recommend individual neurosurgeons. Patient information may be obtained from your GP. Alternatively have a look at our links portal which includes the web pages of patient support groups.

Users may also keep current with the activities of the BNVG community through our social network pages. Click on the icons below to access these pages. These will carry announcements about group meetings, reports and updates on research activity.


About Us

The British Neurovascular Group evolved from an informal grouping of interested clinicians and researchers within the Society of British Neurological Surgeons.

They initally assembled under the banner of the Spontaneous Intracerebral Haemorrhage group and members concieved or facilitated important British contributions to the care of patients with cerebrovascular disease including the STICH trials and the paradigm shift to endovascular therapy for aneurysm treatment.

As well as promoting research into vascular diseases the group fosters the practice of neurovascular surgery through education and audt.

Mission Statement

  • To further the development of vascular neurosurgery in the British Isles
  • To encourage research and teaching in vascular neurosurgery
  • To convene a meeting of British and Irish neurovascular surgeons annually
  • To liase with other specialities involved in the management of neurovascular disease
  • To foster relationships with similar groups nationally and internationally in order to share best practice
  • To act as a professional advisory body to other groups including government agencies

Audit Portals


UK and Ireland SAH Audit


SBNS iNeurosurgery


National Neuosurgical Audit- Public Portal


Sentinel Stroke National Audit Program

Neurovascular Surgical Centres in UK and Ireland

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Membership and Contact Information


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